What Is ISO BRC Certification?

In the past 1998 the British Retail Consortium (BRC), had been responding to industry needs, they developed and introduced BRC Food Technical Standard so that to be used to evaluate all manufacturers of retailers’ and own brand food products. It has been designed to assist the retailers and all brand owners to produce the food products of the consistent safety, quality and assist with all their ‘due diligence’ and defence, they should be subject to all prosecution by enforcement of authorities. Under The European Union (EU) of food laws, the retailers can now brand owners have the legal responsibility for their own brands.

The BRC Food Standard certification was first  published, and the BRC published the first issue for the Packaging Standard in the year 2002, then followed by all Consumer Products Standard in the year August 2003, and now finally the BRC Global Standard – Storage with Distribution, in the year August 2006. In the year 2009, the BRC partnered with Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) to ensure the develop the Global Standard for Consumer Products- North America edition. Then Each of these Standards is now regularly reviewed, revised and updated for at least every 3 years, after the extensive consultation with a complete wide range of stakeholders.

How It Can Help

The Control Union Certifications is accredited to make certify a large number of all categories for BRC standards in the worldwide. The Correct way of implementation of the BRC could result in the following benefits:

  • It will help in Recognised certification by many of the retailers, food service companies and manufactures around the world.
  • It helps to Decrease in the costs attributed to withdrawals and/or recalls.
  • Improvement in reputation and brand loyalty.

Enhanced guidance to implement quality and safety in the organisation.

Why is Certification Necessary?

The BRC Food Issue eight Certification includes a whole stepwise implementation of the food safety system in among the food organizations. food safety coaching is for awareness still as auditing of the compamy and making ready documentation for BRC Food Issue eight certification. The BRC Food can Issue eight Certificate is issued by globally recognized Certifying Body, this is licensed to produce certificate beneath the most BRC international commonplace for food safety issue eight.

The BRC Food Issue eight certificate is issued for the amount of three years when palmy completion of pre-assessment and registration (final) assessment. police investigation audits square measure conducted by the Certifying Body among the amount of three years, at the intervals of half dozen months, nine months or twelvemonths relying upon the character and size of the organization. Upon completion of three years, renewal audit is finished for brand new three year-cycle.

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