FSSC 22000 Certification

What Is ISO Certification

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a standard Food Safety Management System which is completely based and  globally accepted QMS Quality Management System, ISO 9001. The Food Safety Management System FSMS standard is ISO 22000 certification. This standard is applicable to any of the company in the food industry, from farmers, manufacturers and transporters to packagers and other retailers. ISO 22000 signup and registration is recognized worldwide, and is growing in most popularity. The number of registrations will and has doubled in the last year and coming years.

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is the division of Consumer Goods Forum and the collaboration of retailers, manufacturers and food service provider companies that has been working very well on harmonization of food safety standards. The GFSI benchmarks of the various food safety standards in and against a basic set of criteria. The Standards meeting the criteria are recognized and integrated. Many more large retailers and manufacturers are requesting to their suppliers to register to a GFSI recognized scheme. The most One of the benchmarked standards

How It Can Help

  • It can help in Independence and the standard of being owned by a nonprofit foundation.
  • It can help in Multiple stakeholder of approach in development of and governance of the standard.
  • It can help in International and ISO global credibility, built over the GFSI approval.
  • It can help in Common spoken language through global standards and certifications, ensuring global consistency and in implementation and allowing for benchmarking.

Who should take Certification

This standard will be applied to any of the company in food manufacturing, food processing, feed manufacturing and many other food packaging manufacturing. Other types of food businesses are also would use the ISO 22000 Standard

Why is Certification Necessary

  • It helps in a powerful management system framework, and fully integrated in the company’s overall management system, and it is consistent with other standards like and such as standards of ISO 9001 and standards of ISO 14001 (including for the V 5 the alignment with ISO High Level Structure).
  • The robust Hazard Analysis and Risk Management methodology is based on HACCP principles and is ability to improve the food safety effectiveness and efficiency.

It helps in The use of the technical specifications such as the  ISO/TS 22002 standards, concerning the pre-requisite of the programmes, as requested by ISO 22000  and fitting the all the retailers needs for the due diligence and related issues.

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