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ISO 17020 Certification

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Certification in QMS

Benefits of Certification

It can give you Improved efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in all Inspection bodies operation, It can give you Improved level of motivation, co–operation, workmanship and quality awareness with including competence, It has Increased confidence in all the inspection data and of personnel and performing work. It has Greater control of processes and activities which is throughout inspection bodies. Savings in terms of time and money will due to reduction or elimination of the need for re–inspection / re–work etc.,

  • It helps in providing tips on analysis of all data as well as perfect in record keeping.
  • It helps Providing the guidelines of better control for maintenance of equipment and preservation of inspection records, etc.
  • It can Establish confidence of management and customers with on results as well as reports to increase customers trust with market share.
  • It has Better image of inspection in bodies as a Quality in inspection bodies in global market.
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ISO 17020 Certification

What Is ISO 17020 Certification

The certification in ISO 17020, entitled for “General Criteria for the Operation in Various Types of Bodies which are in Performing Inspection”, it is an internationally recognized standard best for the competence in the inspection bodies. The certification in ISO 17020 should not be confused with ISO 9001, which is very specific to quality management systems. The certification in ISO 9001 does not require any evaluation of the technical competence in of an inspection of the body and it should not be regarded also as an ‘acceptable’ alternative to ISO Registration.

This is the International Standard which specifies the general criteria for all the competence of impartial bodies which perform inspection in irrespective of the main sector involved. It is also specified in independence criteria. This standard is best intended for the uses of inspection bodies and all their accreditation bodies as well as other bodies which are concerned with recognizing of the competence of inspection bodies ISO 17020 Consultants

How It Can Help

It has Improved efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in all the overall Inspection bodies operation,

  • It has Improved level of motivation, co–operation, workmanship and quality awareness including competence,
  • It has the Increase of confidence in Inspection of data and of the personnel performing work. It can and has Greater control of all the processes and activities throughout Inspection bodies. Savings in such terms of time and money due to reduction or elimination of the need for re–inspection / re–work etc.,
  • It Provide the tips on analysis of data and as well as perfect record keeping.
  • It also Provides guidelines and better control of the maintenance of equipment, preservation of inspection records etc
  • It can also Establish the confidence of management and customers on results as well as reports and increase customer trust as well as market share.

Who should take Certification

The certification in ISO 17020 Certification is for inspection bodies of all shapes and sizes in all sectors. It is very flexible to allow with an individual businesses to design and a system that works for them.  It is easily applicable to all organizations which are performing tests and/or calibrations. These include, for example,

  • first-, second- and third-party laboratories
  • The laboratories where testing and or calibration of forms part of inspection and product certification.

Why is Certification Necessary

  • Define deficiency in the tests and calibrations
  • Obtain customer feedback and complaints.
  • Receive recommendation to improvise the quality of the test.
  • Prepare suitable policies and procedures.
  • Take correctives actions.
  • Provide Proficiency testing.
  • Make documentation plans.
  • Ensure confidential policy.
  • Improvement in quality and work
  • Assessment of external bodies.
  • Availability of resources and required equipment
  • Presence of Internal audit.
  • Consider the human factor
  • Take preventive actions

ISO Certification Details

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    Kanti Sweets

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