ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000?

This International Standard ISO 22000  specifies requirements for a food safety management system.  Certification of a company’s FSMS is one of the approach in assuring that the licensed company has carried out a standard for the food safety control.  The methods, activities, products and services are made in line with the organization’s food protection policy and the requirements

If there is any industry that wishes to be in a range of approximately high-quality approaches, it might must be the food industry. All ISO standards are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they continue to be applicable to the present day market. encompasses the latest tendencies and food safety requirements, and is a timely response to the growing international demanding situations dealing with the food enterprise.

How it can help?

  • The consequences faced from unsafe food is a serious issue and helps in identifying and controlling these food safety hazards.
  • To ensure the safety of global food supply chain as food products repeatedly cross national boundaries.
  • It assists in dealing with the growing need to ensure we can accept a true with modern food safety systems and that they may be sustainable.

Who should take ISO 22000?

  • This standard can be implemented across all the companies in food chain right from raw material to delivery of food product to customers.
  • ISO 22000 is applicable to all agencies in the food chain and feed industries irrespective of size or zone.
  • It is applicable to companies which concerns in any issue of food chain and want to implement the systems that consistently offer safe products.

Why Is ISO 22000 Necessary?

  • To help company achieve the standard requirements of keeping the food safe from contamination.
  • By complete implementation of ISO 22000, customer safety from unsafe food is achieved. As all the raw materials, processes and products is ensured to be safe for manufacturing food.
  • Help companies to increase customer satisfaction which attracts more customers resulting in increased sales.
  • To evaluate customer and identify the quality of food manufactured. This evaluation which is a main tool in understanding the deviations from the product and customer requirement.

How to get ISO 22000 Certification

The Certification Procedure is a multiple-step system

  • Application for certification from customer
  • Offer from Expert Certifier
  • Offer recognition from customer and order confirmation by way of expert certifier
  • Pre audit (elective)
  • Certification audit – (Stage 1 + Stage 2)
  • Issue of certificates on a successful completion c of certification audit
  • Surveillance audits at described period
  • Recertification audit after 3 years

Globalization of food trade complicates food safety. Overcome this issue with ISO 22000’s timely response. Contact us and get Certification from Expert Certifier to accomplish the challenges of safe, sustainable food production.

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