ISO 28000 Certification

What Is ISO Certification

ISO 28000 standards specifies the wants for a provide chain security management system, linking security management to several alternative aspects of business management. For organisations operating among, or hoping on, the provision business, certification to the ISO 28000 provide chain management commonplace provides a valuable framework. it’ll facilitate minimise the chance of security incidents so facilitate give problem-free ‘just in time’ delivery of products and provides. ISO 28000 commonplace sets in situ mechanisms and processes to deal with security vulnerabilities at strategic and operational levels, similarly as establish preventive action plans. ISO 28000 is appropriate for all sizes and kinds of organisation that area unit concerned in buying, producing, service, storage, transportation and/or sales processes, and want to implement and maintain a secure management system for its provide chain.

CDG is at the forefront of provide chain security management system certification. we’ve got expertise of security assessments gained from completing audits of the many exporters, warehouses & ICD’s. Organizations that select CDG’s ISO 28000 certification will demonstrate that they’re contributive considerably to provide chain security.

How It Can Help

  • Allows security to be managed as a method in order that the effectiveness of security
  • management are often measured and improved.
  • permits management to focus resources and efforts on areas with speculative issues (through a security risk assessment).
  • permits management to benchmark its security management efforts with international standards. * Demonstrates to stakeholders the commitment to enforce

Who should take Certification

The standard has been developed to supply a management system to assist event organisers win economic, environmental and social advantages by reducing the environmental impact of their event.

How to get Certified

  • Expert Certifier, the name that intends to provide expert guidance for ISO 28000 Certification. We are always ready to take that extra step to help your business achieve its goal. can be a useful tool to add credibility to your organization. ISO 28000 standard when implemented by EXPERT CERTIFIER shows how your product or service can meet the expectations of customer requirements.
  • Just Signup. Our experts will reach out to you. Details of your organization and requirements will be listed. One dedicated expert will be assigned based on the requirements. On acceptance of quote, our work to ensure the best service in Certification will be provided.
  • Our team of experts provide support in each and every phase of the certification process.

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