ISO 50001 Certification

What Is ISO 50001 Certification?

Certifications in ISO 50001 is the newly and revised international standard for all Energy Management providing the most simple and robust framework for optimizing energy efficiency in public and private sector for all organizations.

ISO 50001 Certification in this standard illustrates that an organization’s commitment is to continual improvement in energy management, allowing all of them to lead by example is within their respective of industries and ensure that related legislative will and regulatory requirements are met.

ISO 50001 Certification will also help in providing organizations with a standard that will ensure the requirements are met for all compliance with the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) UK legislation.

We have certified a complete wide range of organizations in different sectors and also including EPS Pumping and Treatment Systems.

How It Can Help?

  • A structured approach to identify, measure and manage energy consumption
  • Enable Organizations to reduce GHG emission
  • Improve organization‘s image with customers, partners, and the public
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Increase awareness for the energy management policy and embed energy efficient thinking in your organization

Who should take Certification?

The energy standard is applicable to all organizations which are both large and small, irrespective of geographical and cultural or social conditions. ISO Registration EnMS is structured to be aligned with all popular industry management systems, so it is easy and possible to integrate an energy management system (EnMS) with your existing organizations management system(s). Certification Europe has operational experience in all energy management in the EU, Africa and Asia.

Why is Certification Necessary?

Energy is a very important and critical component for any organization’s operations and it can be one of the largest and controllable costs, depending on all the activities. With the Improved energy performance it helps the organizations to maximize the uses of their energy sources and its energy-related assets, thus by reducing both energy cost and consumption. ISO 50001 Consultants provides a complete framework for any organizations to make a full positive contributions toward reducing and depletion of all energy resources and mitigating the worldwide effects of energy and its use, such as global warming, while improving all the efficiency of the organizational operations related to energy

How to get ISO Certification

We make the ISO certification process simple and easy. After we receive your application we will appoint a client to manage who will guide you to  your business through the step by step following steps.

Gap analysis
This is a ready to use optional pre-assessment service. Here you will use it where we take a closer look at the existing energy management system and then compare it with ISO 50001 requirements. This process help identify areas that require more work before carrying out formal assessment, saving you the time and money.

Formal assessment
This formal assessment happens in two steps. First we will review your organization’s preparedness for the assessment by checking all the necessary ISO 50001 procedures and required controls have been developed. We will then share the details of our report with you so that in case we find gaps, then you can close them. If all of the requirements are in good place, then we will assess the complete implementation of the all procedures and required controls within your companies organization to make sure that your methods are working effectively as required for certification.

Certification and beyond
Once you have passed the required formal assessment you will receive the  ISO 50001 Certification certificate, which will be valid for three years. Your client and manager will stay in touch with us during this time, by paying you regular visits to ensure your system doesn’t simply remain compliant, but also that it continually improves with your business.

Looking for Certification?

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