What Is ISO PCI DSS Certification

The Payment Card business information Security commonplace (PCI DSS) may be a set of security standards shaped in 2004 by Visa, MasterCard, Discover money Services, JCB International and yank specific. ruled by the Payment Card business Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), the compliance theme aims to secure credit and open-end credit transactions against information felony and fraud.

While the PCI SSC has no legal authority to compel compliance, it’s a demand for any business that processes credit or open-end credit transactions. PCI certification is additionally thought of the simplest thanks to safeguard sensitive information and data, thereby serving to businesses build long lasting and trusting relationships with their customers.

How It Can Help

  • Provides specific direction and suggestions to organizations, serving to them establish a base set of established measures that facilitate defend sensitive knowledge.
  • Potential vulnerabilities in your system square measure exposed
  • Helps in maintaining worldwide business commonplace

Who should take Certification

You secure cardholder information wherever it’s captured at the purpose of sale and because it flows into the payment system. the simplest step you’ll be able to take is to not store any cardholder information. This includes protecting:

  • Card readers
  • Point of sale systems
  • Store networks & wireless access routers
  • Payment card information storage and transmission
  • Payment card information hold on in paper-based records
  • Online payment applications and looking carts

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