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The Certification in SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is one of the best world’s leading food safety and quality management systems available, and it is designed to meet all the needs of retailers and also suppliers worldwide.

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Certification in SQF

Benefits of Certification

There are many clear benefits which are associated with certification to the SQF program:

  • It Helps in to Enables you to demonstrate a commitment to food safety
  • It Helps in to Conveys a degree of confidence required by consumers, retailers and buyers within the food industry
  • It Helps in to Provides buyers, consumers, government enforcement and trade agencies with justified assurance that control systems are in place to assure the safe production of food
  • It Helps in to Regular assessments help you to continually monitor your food safety system

The BSI is an SQF Institute (SQFi) licensed and (approved) certification body to deliver assessments in the SQF. We are a well recognized leader and provider of SQF certification in the USA and Australian and global markets. In Australia and other related and required countries the leading supermarket retailer, Coles Group Limited (Coles), will only permit house-brand products in store that meet their Coles SQF criteria. We are recognized by Coles to deliver audits against this code of practice.

In the USA, the leading retailer, Wal-Mart, has recognized us as an approved certification body for its house-brand products.

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What Is ISO SQF Certification

The Certification in SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is one of the best world’s leading food safety and quality management systems available, and it is designed to meet all the needs of retailers and also suppliers worldwide.

SQF certification provides an independent certification that will help a product, process or service the complies with international and the domestic food safety regulations, and enables a complete food supplier to give the assurances that food has now been produced, prepared and has been handled according to the highest quality possible standards.

How It Can Help

The SQF audits are commonly and often a good fit for the companies who want to test their companies written programs first to see if they are or may be ready for full audit because they are also divided into two separate audit phases: documentation and facility. Companies that can make corrections between the main two audit phases, without impacting their main final score, which can then save money in the long run.

Who should take Certification

The companies who should take this are food packaging manufacturers can be certified to SQF. These companies will then use Module 2 and Module 13 of the SQF Code for quality. Module 2 is required for all types of mentioned companies, and Module 13 is specifically for food packaging manufacturers.

Why is Certification Necessary

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) has designed the SQF standard to be flexible and thorough, enabling an audit and certification process that ensures QMSs are validated throughout the supply chain and throughout the world. The benefits your organization will see from achieving SQF certification are many, but here are a few highlights:

  • Simplified requirements make certification less intensive yet allows for sector-specific focus in your certification.
  • Achieving SQF certification means an organization can provide proof of due diligence, and show the market that as an organization they proactively identify and manage risk. The standard encourages responsible manufacturing and agricultural processes which helps to increase product yield by reducing material waste.
  • SQF utilizes a two stage audit process (document review / facilities review) that allows organizations a chance to address issues prior to the facilities audit, facilitating a more streamlined facilities audit and smoother overall certification process.
  • SQF is the only GFSI benchmarked standard that provides certification for production, manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker mgmt.
  • SQF allows organizations certified at Level 3 to place the SQF quality shield on products, providing proof of their commitment to food safety and product quality.
  • The SQF assessment database provides reporting for organizations to access past audits and certificates, and more easily conduct internal audits.

How to get ISO Certification

If you are looking or even thinking on how to get the SQF certification in India you can reach out to us without any hesitation.

You can partner with us on consulting the standard requirements. We help our customers and clients to consult with us. You can reach out to us at or write to us on contact@expertcertifier.com with your entire certification requirement. Also, you can feel free to visit our official website at www.expertcertifier.com and provide your contact details so that one of our Consulting experts can contact you in order to understand more about your process so that we can perform a free gap analysis. We are available 24/7 for all of our customers.

ISO Certification Details

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