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What is HACCP certification?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It’s a certification that instantly demonstrates the purchasers about their commitment to supply or trade safe food. HACCP certification in United States is a world standard that’s build around seven basic principles. They are:

  • Conduct Hazard Analysis
  • Determine the control points
  • Establish a critical control limits
  • Establish proper corrective actions
  • Verification system
  • Establish documentation
  • Record keeping

What is the necessity of HACCP certification?

Here may be a list of top five reasons why you would like HACCP certification:

  • It provides a sense of confidence for the sensation of safe production of the food.
  • It is the simplest way to grab and gain the simplest market opportunities.
  • HACCP food safety certification helps to realize the reputation of the organization.
  • With any risk management process and good quality waste is identified and helps organizations to enjoy an advantage of improved efficiency.
  • Employees are conscious of their role and are adequately trained within the food safety management system.

What are the advantages of HACCP certification?

This evidence based approach is very beneficial especially once you are subjected to inspection by the stakeholders or regulatory authorities. Demonstrating the commitment towards food safety by HACCP certification helps you to rework your brand. It also acts as an efficient tool for creating a grand entry in market and alongside this it exposes the new business opportunities anywhere in the world. Some of the advantages are:

1. Attract Tender /Contract

The primary reason to attract HACCP in any location and by businesses is to maximize the business opportunity by attracting tenders/contracts.

2. Improvement of customer satisfaction

One of the key elements in this international standard is to improve customer satisfaction. By improving the satisfaction level customer retention is at higher side, such customers help directly or indirectly in generating more business.

3. Increase your credibility and image

By getting your business HACCP certified, credibility and image of your brand runs up sharp in the international and domestic market. When a company is looking for supplier or service provider, it is often a requirement to have a clean system in order to consider.

4. Improvement of employee satisfaction

The staff is highly satisfied and pumped up once there are clean roles, responsibility and accountability, a well defined system shows of how the roles of the staff create an impact on quality and overall success. This international standard will help organization frame up a structure that helps staffs morale increase.

5. Increased business

Research has proven that HACCP certified companies have shown improvements in the area of finance. The HACCP certified image attracts more business in both domestic and international market.

6. Process Consistency

A well documented system helps in minimizing process related errors. Even a minor change in the process has to be documented and implemented in best possible pattern.

What is the method to urge HACCP certification?

To urge HACCP certification in United States an audit or assessment is conducted associated with its food safety. So as to urge this assessment or audit, a competent and food safety auditor is required. The audit process will include on-site inspection and an entire review of both company record and documentation.

Why do you have to choose us for your HACCP certification?

We are a renowned organization that gives complete list of HACCP documents with mapping of HACCP standard clause wise requirement. Our team mainly specialize in the documentation and records that are required to make sure about the activities are been performed as per the approved procedures.

What is HACCP plan for food safety? How has HACCP impacted food safety?

  • Organizational commitment towards Food Safety
  • Develop internal system about Food Safety Hazard and Risk from process and merchandise
  • Develop Food Safety Monitoring Plan covering stages of inspections required to regulate manufacturing or service delivery process to eliminate, reduce or control health hazards and food safety risks from physical, chemical & microbiological contamination.
  • Reduce legal obligation associated with product, service delivery like Food Safety and Standards FSSAI Act, FSS Rules, Food Safety & Standard Rules.
  • Independent of private competency and high reliability on Food Safety Management System.
  • Reduce Product Recall, Reduce Product Withdrawal, Reduce Non-Conformances, Reduce re-process, Reduce Legal Non-Compliances.
  • Legal Compliance of Schedule 4 Compliance of FSSAI, FSSAI license conditions, FSSAI Inspection.
  • Pre-Requisite Program, Operational PRP, Hazard Risk Evaluation, CCP Determination, HACCP Plan, Validation Plan, Verification Plan.
  • Reduce Legal Obligation and compliance inspections.

Process Step for HACCP Certification

  • Gap Analysis
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Food Safety Objectives
  • Determining role, responsibility and authorities, Identify and assemble core , Appointment of Team Leader
  • Management System Documentation: Level 1 to Level 4, Pre-Requisite Program, Operational PRPs, Hazard Evaluation, Critical Control Point, HACCP Plan, Food Safety Plan, Validation Plan, Verification Plan.
  • Awareness Training to staffs
  • Internal Auditors Training to core and Conduct of Internal Audit
  • Conduct of Management Review Meeting
  • Application to Certification Body
  • Final Certification Audit – end of project

How Expert Certifier helps to urge HACCP Certification in United States?

As every organization has its own interesting needs and objectives at various phases of its professional life cycle, we structure our answers that are powerful and customized to each organization’s particular needs.

Expert Certifier experts are considered to be creative, simple, practical and feasible so as to implement a way that adds value to the organization’s business tasks. For all certification requirements we are employing a well-reported approach. We respect you and see how critical it’s for you to realize certification quickly. Total Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight are confident to us. We are always able to take another mile to stay our customers happy.

How to get HACCP certification in United States?

Our masters have more than 15 plus years of global experience, with hands-on experience in the field of HACCP certification, assessment and training.

With Expert Certifier your Business and process excellence is guaranteed.

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