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Organization can move one step ahead in providing their customer focus by obtaining certification for their organization against ISO 10002:2014 Certification in Philadelphia, which provides guidance on the method of complaints handling associated with products in a corporation, including planning, design, operation, maintenance, and improvement.

Implementation of ISO 10002:2014 addresses the complaints-handling process described is suitable to be used together of the processes of an overall quality management system.

ISO 10002:2014 Certification is suitable for organization of any size and sectors, including small business but this doesn’t apply to disputes referred for resolution outside the organization or for employment-related disputes.

What are the advantages of ISO 10002 Certification?

  • Better Customer Retention: With this standard, it might be simple and effective to handle customers and retain them with the framework defined.
  • Clarity: Efficient and effective identification of complaints thanks to categorization of an equivalent would cause optimizing the simplest solution that must be provided – more clarity on the complaints is achieved.
  • Communication Enhancement: Internal and external communication improves as they’re predefined and is straightforward to regulate with this standard.
  • Faster Resolution: because the database of resolutions provided is extracted and maintained, it might decrease the time of resolution period.
  • Association of Workforce: thanks to enhanced communication and training, the workforce would be more involved in implementing requirements of the quality. Employees who are trained in awareness and responsibility of operations through trainings provided will benefit the organization to take care of the wants of the quality.
  • Integrated Management System: the quality might be integrated with various management systems and therefore the documentation and operation process are often decreased with reference to efforts without the efficiency being affected.
  • Branding: As all certifications are to build the reputation of the organization. The brand reputation would dramatically increase due to this certification.

According to ISO 10002 Certification in Philadelphia, the knowledge received through customer feedback could yield refinement in products and processes and if handle correctly could increase the reputation of the inspiration no matter its scale, location and sector. The important value of the ISO 10002 is revealed better since it gives the arrogance that customer complaints are handled during a far more viable way within the world market.

Complaint management is challenging as there’s not always a concrete solution to the matter. Success depends on how well you understand the complaint, how it’s handled and if the customer is proud of the answer offered. A replacement release of ISO 10002 for Quality Management: Customer Satisfaction – Guideline for Complaint Handling in Organizations is a superb customer service certificate and acts as a ‘true-to-life’ manual designed expressly for this purpose.

ISO 10002 focuses on:

  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction by creating a customer-focused environment that’s hospitable feedback (including complaints) and resolving any complaints received.
  • Top management involvement and commitment through adequate acquisition and deployment of resources, including personnel training
  • Analyzing and evaluating complaints to enhance the merchandise and customer service quality
  • Reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the complaints-handling process.

An unhappy customer will tell friends and colleagues about their experiences, damaging the company’s reputation and sometimes you recognize nothing about it. Implementing a complaints handling process using ISO 10002 will assist you turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones and use their input to enhance the experience of future customers.

Your customer service processes got to make it simple for your customers to speak complaints and resolve any issues arising. Complaint management isn’t about reducing the amount of complaints, but taking the knowledge they generate and turning it into an improvement.

Smart complaint management will assist you to enhance customer service standards and deliver an efficient complaint handling system to differentiate you from your competitors. 

Certification against ISO 10002 Certification in Philadelphia will provide your organization with a top quality and reliable complaint management system, including the subsequent characteristics:

  • Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer-focused approach
  • Accountability
  • Continual improvement

We can either conduct an assessment of your management system against the needs of ISO 10002 or take you through the complete certification process.

Our ISO 10002 Foundation Training is meant to supply any organization with the basics of the ISO 10002 requirements. Contact your local Expert Certifier representative for further details.

What we provide within the field of ISO 10002 standard implementation compliance and consulting?

  • We understand the way to fully exploit the advantages of your quality management system to make sure you unlock truth potential in your organization.
  • We provide unmatched expertise and technical competence to make sure that your ISO 10002 certification project adds value to your organization.
  • We offer our global knowledge molded locally to usher in the simplest results for our clients and partner their journey of standardization, compliance, growth, success and continual improvements


Expert Certifier goals on being an expert within the field of Certification. It provides training to the organizations and helps in implementing and continual improvement in their management system. Expert Certifier features a team of experts in several fields and that they are focused on achieving the specified business goals. This team is well motivated, skilled and engaged to supply global services to each single organization.

How can Expert Certifier assist you to get certified?

We are a number one global management system certifications body .And our technical professionals have contiguous knowledge and in-depth expertise with all kinds of complaints handling. Each audit team incorporate of experts with the effective skills and expertise needed to accurately appraise the compliance of your management system, and is headed by a lead auditor who will oversee the audit and any required management change notices. Finally, our on-site or off-site Technical Documentation appraisal will provide you with the knowledge you would like to know your exposure to non-compliance issues. This unique combination of experience makes Expert Certifier Certifications ideally suited to deal with the requirements.

How to get ISO 10002:2018 certification in Philadelphia – Consultants in Philadelphia?

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