ISO 17025 Certification in Puerto Rico

ISO 17025 certification  Puerto Rico

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The standard, first published in 1999, has been acknowledged because the international benchmark for approving the competence of the testing and calibration laboratories that play an important role in trade, in development and manufacturing, and in protection of the buyer.  The modifications relate mainly to the management requirements so as to harmonize with the standard management standard ISO 9001:2000. Accreditation bodies will allow laboratories up to 2 years to implement the new standard. ISO 17025 certification in Puerto Rico specifies the overall requirements for the competence to hold out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling. It covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods.

Fundamentally, ISO 17025 Standard is a quality system which is structured to make sure the standard and repeatability of a product or service business. Thereto end, the quality doesn’t define exactly how the processes should be administered, but rather an overarching set of guidelines and controlled outcomes that specific procedures should ensure. For instance, the 17025 standard requires that the calibration of reference sensors have adequate control and calibration traceability. How each of those areas is accomplished is up to the practitioner (such as choosing an appropriate calibration interval); but within the end, the alternatives for process/procedure must be documented, repeatable, defensible, and supply a top quality output. The standard system is proven by its outcomes. 

Prior to any work on a 17025 compliant quality system, you’ll get to choose your scope of competency. This scope defines the list of test and calibration services that your organization is going to be operating under the 17025 quality system. For dynamic sensor users, this might be an inventory including items like accelerometer calibration, force sensor calibration, and/or pressure sensor calibration. The subsequent links are included as samples of different sorts of scope for dynamic calibration.

To fulfill the needs of the 17025 standard there are 5 basic components that compose the structure to satisfy the detailed clauses of the quality. They are: scope, procedures, control (including conformance/feedback), uncertainties, and proficiencies. Overall, this is often again very almost like the structure of ISO9001 within the use of procedures, control and audits. In fact, as far as procedures go, much of an equivalent verbiage in place for an existing quality system is often utilized in fulfillment of a 17025 compliant system. The common parts of quality systems are often in areas like purchasing, document control, quality systems auditing/findings, and correct/preventive action.

Marketing Advantage

Accreditation is an efficient marketing tool for testing, calibration and measurement organizations, and a passport to submit tenders to contractors that need independently verified laboratories.

Laboratory accreditation is very regarded both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of technical competence. Many industries, like the development materials industry, routinely specify laboratory accreditation for suppliers of testing services.

Unlike certification to ISO 9001, laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to work out technical competence, thus assuring customers that the test, calibration or measurement data supplied by the laboratory or inspection service are accurate and reliable.

Many accreditation bodies also publish a directory of their accredited laboratories, which incorporates the laboratories’ contact details plus information on their testing capabilities. This is often another means of promoting a laboratory’s accredited services to potential clients. Improved customer service and better customer satisfaction with laboratory testing and calibration services. 

ISO 17025 certification Puerto Rico gives testing and calibration laboratories an equivalent sort of accreditation that ISO 9001 gives to manufacturing and repair organizations.

Finally, through a system of international agreements accredited laboratories receive a sort of international recognition, which allows their data to be more readily accepted in overseas markets. This recognition helps to scale back costs for manufacturers and exporters that have their products or materials tested in accredited laboratories, by reducing or eliminating the necessity for retesting in another country.

Benefits of ISO 17025 accreditation are often summarized as below:

  • A systematic approach to regulate all its processes and well defined procedures and supporting documentation.
  • Achieve international recognition of its technical competence gain the arrogance of consumers and interested parties, also as open doors to new market both locally and international.
  • Greater quality awareness amongst employees and reduced defects, scraps, rework failures and repair
  • Have a far better corporate image within the eyes of regulators, customers, employees also because the society at large.
  • Potential increase in business thanks to enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Savings in terms of your time and money thanks to reduction or elimination of the necessity for re-testing of products.
  •  Assurance System are technically competent.
  • Validity and appropriateness of test methods.
  • Traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards.
  • Suitability, calibration and maintenance of equipment & Testing environment.

Technical Requirements of ISO 17025 (NABL) Certification

Following are the technical requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 certification that laboratory has got to identify during implementation of system –

  1. Nominate one person as Quality Manager for establishing and monitoring of effective implementation of the management systems requirements,
  2. Nominate one person as Technical Manager for establishing and monitoring of effective implementation of the technical requirements,
  3. Test / calibration parameter, its range of testing, limit of detection and Uncertainty of Measurement,
  4. Calculation of Uncertainty of Measurement of every test / calibration parameters,
  5. Analysis of re–test or re–calibration results statistically,
  6. Inter Laboratory Comparison and identification of “Z” Score or En Value supported statistical analysis

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