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Why ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is vital for testing laboratories?

ISO 17025 certification in New York(United states of America):Different analytical testing laboratories often produce different test results for a given sample thanks to a variation in staff competency, equipment used, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) followed while performing the test. These variations are thanks to the utilization of uncalibrated and unmaintained instruments, laboratory environmental factors, and therefore the competence level of a laboratory technician conducting a test. One more reason for this variation is that the fabrication of potency reports to extend retail value. This is often done by manipulating sampling procedures and test results. Well, there are often countless factors contributing to the inconsistency and inaccuracy of test results and therefore the decisions derived from them!So, are there any regulations that a testing laboratory can follow to make sure consumer safety and merchandise quality?ISO/IEC 17025 in USA is one such regulation that has an inventory of requirements for testing laboratories. Testing laboratories got to get accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 to demonstrate their technical competency and to make sure the accuracy of the test results. We’ll highlight the importance of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for your laboratory.

Firstly, ISO/IEC 17025 is one among the foremost significant accreditations for all kinds of laboratories, universities, and research centers performing tests and calibration. ISO/IEC 17025 includes management and technical requirements that enable a testing or calibration laboratory to say their technical competency. Secondly, having accreditation by regulatory bodies certifies that the results are consistent and accurate and are generated using industry-standard protocols.

What are the advantages related to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation?

ISO/IEC 17025 in United States of America is a world standard for continuous improvement and self-correction. A laboratory that complies with ISO/IEC 17025 benefits within the following ways:

  • It enhances the reliability of test results generated by the laboratory
  • It can establish technical competency within the event of a speculation and/or legitimacy issues
  • The efficiency of the laboratory increases, customer complaints are reduced, the laboratory gains a robust competitive edge, and therefore the operational expenditure is reduced.

The regulation facilitates traceability of measurements and calibrations to optimum standards, establishes technical competency of staff, maintains a record of equipment, ensures the accuracy of test results, validity and correctness of test and calibration methods, appropriate handling and movement of test items, and therefore the quality of the testing environment and sampling.

Why has ISO/IEC 17025 been revised?

It is crucial to stay track of revisions and changes within the standard and prepare your laboratory to comply.

ISO/IEC 17025 certification  in America was revised thanks to a rise in error instances and data inaccuracy. ISO/IEC 17025 has had two revisions thus far; it had been first revised in 2005 than in 2017 to remain up-to-date with the industry and to follow the ISO 9001:2015 standard as closely as possible.

ISO/IEC 17025 certification in New York (United states of America)was updated to accommodate the newest changes within the laboratory environment and work practices. The newest updates to ISO/IEC 17025 certification in America(USA)include a replacement chapter on risk-based thinking, control of nonconforming testing and calibration work, the addition of latest terminologies, incorporation of computer systems and control of knowledge, and therefore the scope to hide testing, calibration, and sampling also. The process approach now matches new standards like ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 15189 (quality of medical laboratories) and ISO/IEC 17021-1 (which states the wants for auditing and certification bodies).

Is getting your laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 accredited a challenging task?

The ISO 17025 in New York (USA)standard is vast and sophisticated and thus, requires a radical understanding, and training for following its guidelines. Since the target is to standardize processes of all testing laboratories and to make sure the validity of the information generated, conducting regular internal audits to organize a laboratory for third-party assessments seems to be a serious challenge. Additionally, finding a dependable and unified software solution that helps fulfill the regulatory requirements is challenging also.

Reasons why your lab needs a LMS!

The main reason behind implementing a LMS is that it becomes your one-stop, dependable system with functionalities that enable your lab to follow all the rules laid out under the ISO 17025 regulation. The regulation’s requirements are divided into two parts, Management and Technical. Management requirements ask the laboratory’s operation and effectiveness of the standard management system. These include specifications for control of records, document control, internal audits for each step performed within the laboratory, organizational structure, review of the test orders received from clients, and buy of services and supplies like reagents, consumables, etc. Technical requirements address the competence of staff, sampling, and testing methods used, sorts of equipment, quality, and reporting of test and calibration results. It’s only due to its seamless application and multi-facet abilities to satisfy of these requirements that you simply got to implement a LIMS in your laboratory.


Thus, ISO/IEC 17025 is far and away the first international standard for establishing laboratory competence and quality. It also facilitates cooperation between testing laboratories and other bodies by establishing wider acceptance of results between countries and organizations. Test reports and Certificates of study (CoA) are often accepted by organizations present in several countries without the necessity for further testing, which results in better international trade. Furthermore, achieving ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation could be challenging sometimes , but one can always utilize the proper training and tools (for example, a LIMS) to convert the obstacles and reap the advantages of being an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

How to get ISO 17025:2017 certification-Consultation in New York?

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