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Why use ISO 22000 Standard?

Setting up a food safety quality management system results in the deployment of resources to make sure the security of products and services. This is often an approved prevention and continuous improvement tool. The PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle is deployed at two levels: the primary of those applies to the management system, the second to the HACCP principles. Like all international standard, ISO 22000 certification in Philadelphia facilitates dialogue and saves time: by applying it, you’re employing a recognized, globally shared method. ISO 22000 builds trust together with your suppliers, customers and interested parties within the organic phenomenon. It promotes effective communication with them by identifying potential hazards and by defining the measures to be implemented to regulate these hazards once they occur. However, ISO 22000 certification doesn’t attest to the security of a product, or of its fitness to be used.

ISO 22000 requires “the background of the organization” to be defined. How is that this done?

Defining the background means understanding the enterprise’s internal and external challenges: it illuminates the enterprise’s strategic choices and thereby the policy to be defined. The background can’t be dissociated from the requirements and expectations of the relevant interested parties, which is another requirement. These could also be, for instance, suppliers, consumers, distributors, official control services, media, etc. Each organization must determine these. These two requirements affect the definition of the management system and its processes. The enterprise must also determine the risks and opportunities which will affect the effectiveness of the system. These new reflexes are designed to amplify prevention and to develop anticipation capabilities.

What are the key steps for deploying ISO 22000 Standard?

ISO 22000 is typically implemented in 8 stages:

  • Defining the background and directions 
  • Planning the management system: answering the who, what, where, when and the way questions 
  • Building a solid base through good hygiene practices 
  • Conducting an HACCP study 
  • Implementing the management system 
  • Anticipating and managing crisis situations 
  • Checking the effectiveness of the management system 
  • Continuously improving the management system.

For whom is ISO 22000 Standard for?

ISO 22000 certification in Philadelphia is applicable to all or any organizations within the food and feed industries, no matter size or sector.

All ISO standards are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they continue to be relevant to the present market. ISO 22000:2018 encompasses the newest trends and food safety requirements, and is a timely response to the rising global challenges facing the food industry. It’ll also help to ensure we will trust current food security systems which they’re sustainable. ISO 22000:2018 provides an understanding of the concept of risk, distinguishing between risk at the operational level and therefore the strategic level of a management system.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification  Philadelphia:

  • Minimize the Food safety Hazards contamination in food.
  • Reduce the potential Food born diseases, which can cause due contamination of food.
  • Improve Compliance level with applicable statutory and regulatory food safety requirements
  • Effective communication on food questions of safety to their suppliers, customers and relevant interested parties within the organic phenomenon
  • Improve the business potential among the competitor.
  • Improve the arrogance of customer and interested party.
  • Reduce wastage of raw materials & time
  • Improved Operation control towards employee health and safety.
  • Improve food safety during an emergency situation.
  • Improve the identification, traceability, and merchandise recall system.
  • Improve the credibility of the merchandise among the customer
  • Overall Improvement of organization reputation within the market.
  • Business opportunities improved.


  • Improve your food safety performance;
  • Set up a continuing improvement initiative;
  • Optimize your operations and improve risk management;
  • Have your management of food safety risks certified by an impartial external organization;
  • Improve customer satisfaction and build trust in reference to your products;
  • Develop your reputation by highlighting your commitment to supplying safe, high-quality products.

Expert Certifier 22000:2018 Certification Process:

Expert Certifier ISO office in Philadelphia will review your application & will send you 22000 audit plan – Once you accept audit plan, our 22000 auditor will come for audit (audit are going to be completed in two stages) – After successful 22000 audit your organization are going to be recommended to urge 22000 certificate in Philadelphia – supported recommendation Expert Certifier office will issue 22000:2018 certificate.

Benefits of FSSC 22000 in Philadelphia:

The food safety system as per FSSC 22000 standard provides following benefits to the organization.

    • FSSC 22000 certification in Philadelphia improves the security and quality of your product.
    • FSSC standard offers preventative approach to food safety.
    • Conformance to legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Systematic approach to satisfy the need for food safety.
    • The FSSC 22000 certification in Philadelphia has ability to scale back the customer and third-party audit.
    • Increase in performance and profitability of the corporate.
    • Ability to differentiate the organization for competitive advantage.
    • Can help identify process improvements and reduced customer complaints.


  • Improves internal and external communications.


FSSC 22000 Certification Requirements

The FSSC 22000 standard may be a combination of ISO 22000 and ISO 22002. Therefore, for FSSC 22000 certification, organizations got to meet below-mentioned specific FSSC 22000 requirements:

    • Construction and layout of buildings
    • Layout of premises and workspace
    • Utilities — air, water, energy
    • Waste disposal
    • Equipment suitability, cleaning and maintenance
    • Management of purchased materials
    • Measures for prevention of cross-contamination
    • Cleaning and sanitizing
    • Pest control
    • Personnel hygiene and facilities for employee
    • Rework
    • Product recall procedures
    • Warehousing
    • Product information and consumer awareness
    • Food defense, bio vigilance, and bioterrorism.



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