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What is ISO 22301 Standard?

ISO 22301 is the first business continuity-focused ISO standard. It provides a practical framework for developing and managing an efficient business continuity management system which will safeguard your organization from a good range of potential threats and disruptions.To know more about ISO 22301 certification in Philadelphia contact our Expertcertifier.

What are the advantages of ISO 22301 business continuity compliance?

ISO 22301 business continuity compliance helps protect assets, turnover and profits which, in turn, enables organizations to guard their income stream after the occurrence of a disruptive event and reduce further losses. It further ensures the continuity of business operations and helps maintain your organization’s service levels to its customers. Importantly, it can support business managers to assess the impacts of an operational disaster to make sure they create the proper decisions in time, deploy an efficient response, and then minimize overall impact. Furthermore, organizations with an ISO 22301-compliant business continuity management system can improve customer confidence within the organization’s ability to successfully answer incidents including natural disasters and man-made disasters. 

ISO 22301 certification in Philadelphia  should be high on your organization’s priority list so as to demonstrate to stakeholders that you simply can rapidly overcome disruptive events and supply continued and effective service. Achieving ISO 22301 certification in Philadelphia positions your organization within a group of companies that are demonstrating a commitment to business resilience. It allows you to make ISO 22301 compliant plans that leverage the five most vital elements of continuity planning namely, people, assets, services, locations, and vendors or suppliers of the business continuity ecosystem.

By implementing a BCMS compliant with ISO 22301 your organization can:

Maintain continuity of business operations

  • In the event of business disruption, a BCMS helps an organization to take care of its service levels to its customers. The BCMS enables business leaders to assess the potential impacts of an operational disruption, make the proper decisions quickly, deploy an efficient response and minimize the general impact to the organization.

Protect assets, turnover and profits

  • Effective business continuity management means the organization is in a position to make sure continuity within the delivery of its products and services, and perform activities that are critical to successfully continuing its operations. These activities protect the business’s income stream, and reduce the danger of further losses thanks to an event or disaster. Effective BCM also helps protect an organization’s assets.

Meet legal and regulatory requirements

  • Compliance with ISO 22301 certification Philadelphia can provide evidence that the organization has taken the required steps to suits regulatory requirements for an efficient business continuity management program.

Monitor and test your BCP to make sure you’re prepared

  • A business continuity plan (BCP) isn’t likely to figure if it’s not regularly tested and updated. Since it’s not integrated with the organization’s corporate governance and management system, the BCP often gets filed and forgotten, with just a couple of people being conscious of it. A BCMS, on the opposite hand, is broadly accepted because the most comprehensive approach to organizational resilience. It enables organizations to update, control and deploy effective plans, taking under consideration organizational contingencies and capabilities also because the business needs (product- and service- requirements). Unlike the BCP, the BCMS is embedded within the organization’s culture.

Reduce the value of business interruption insurance

  • By implementing a BCMS that conforms with ISO 22301, the organization has better insights into the important impact of a possible disaster, which enables the business to rise evaluate the sort and value of insurance cover it requires.

Increase competitive advantage and enhance corporate reputation

  • Organizations with an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS can improve customer confidence within the organization’s ability to reply to a series of incidents and events. With business continuity management recognized as a key element for business sustainability, more and more organizations require accredited certification to ISO 22301 for suppliers wishing to try do business with them.

Reduce the necessity for frequent audits

  • By providing a globally accepted indication of business continuity effectiveness, ISO 22301 certification in Philadelphia negates the necessity for repeated customer audits, reducing the amount of external customer audit days. Clients find comfort within the incontrovertible fact that suppliers have put substantial effort into ensuring they will continue business under difficult circumstances.

Obtain an independent opinion about your security posture

  • Accredited certification to ISO 22301 involves regular reviews and internal audits of the BCMS to form sure it continually improves. Additionally, an external auditor will review the BCMS at specific intervals to determine whether the controls are working as intended. This independent assessment provides an expert opinion of whether the BCMS is functioning properly and provides the extent of security needed to guard the organization’s products and services.

Improve processes and organizational focus

  • Implementing a BCMS involves assessing and evaluating organizational processes, which identifies potential inefficiencies which will be improved. A BCMS implementation project involves the whole business, and helps the organization specialize in its objectives and maintain direction.

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