ISO 45001 Occupational health & safety management system- To excel your business and protect human life.

iso 45001
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What is ISO 45001 in Bangalore?

ISO 45001 was framed with a clear objective in the first place to  protect human life from work related accidents and infections , the International Organization for Standardization developed this ISO 45001 standard, first written and published by ISO this standard focuses purely to  protect human life.

As per ISO and other labor associated organizations have as a matter of fact realized that number of workers who die every day from accidents and work-related infections due to no proper system at workplace. In Bangalore since the economy is scaling up every day, it has become a must for the sectors like construction, manufacturing, information technology and other associated industries to have a clean and effective workplace atmosphere to protect human life.

ISO 45001 was developed to support the organizations and mitigate the harm in the light of elements that can put down the human and business.


  • Improving its ability to reply to regulatory compliance issues.
  • Reduce the exposure of employees and other parties to occupational health and safety risks related to the organizations activities.
  • Provides Good Manufacturing Facilities,
  • Helps to watch and measure each process and products,
  • Minimize the wastages, rejections,
  • Helps in enhancing customer satisfaction,
  • Reduces customer complaints,
  • Helps in identifying correct requirements like manpower, suppliers, contracts, support services.
  • Better quality of product.
  • Control the processes.
  • Transparence is there with the organization.
  • Good management.
  • Maintain the credentials within the national and international market.
  • To grab more business shares.
  • Increase more penetration within the market.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Improve all kinds of operational controls.

Steps to Certification

Step 1

Equally important Complete a Quote Request Form in order that we will understand your company and requirements. You will do that by completing either the web quick quote or the web formal quote request form. We will use this information to accurately define your scope of assessment and supply you with a proposal for certification.

Step 2

Once you have agreed your proposal, we’ll contact you to book your assessment with us.  Please note that you simply must be ready to demonstrate that your management system has been fully operational for a minimum of 6 months and has been subject to a management review meeting and full cycle of internal audits.

Step 3

Following a successful two stage audit, a certification decision is formed and if positive, then certification to the specified standard is issued by us. You will receive both a hard and soft copy of the certificate. Certification is valid for 3 years and is maintained through a program of annual surveillance audits and a 3 yearly recertification audit.

What are the advantages of ISO 45001 registration?

  • Customer satisfaction – through delivery of products that consistently meet customer requirements while safeguarding their health and property.
  • Reduced operating costs – by decreasing down-time through incidents and unhealthiness and reducing costs related to legal fees and compensation.
  • Improved stakeholder relationships – by safeguarding the health and property of staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Legal compliance – by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers.
  • Improved risk management – through clear identification of potential incidents and implementation of controls and measures.
  • Proven business credentials – through independent verification against recognized standards.
  • Ability to win more business – particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to provide.


Although ISO 45001 constitutes a totally new standard, its foundations exist already and are formulated. ISO 45001 implements the ‘high level structure’, giving it a standard framework with other management systems, like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 45001 explicitly includes persons who aren’t permanently employed, but are in other ways working under the responsibility of the organization/company, like subcontractors, also as processes that are outsourced in their entirety.

The standard also introduces the term “opportunities”, as a replacement aspect within the field of occupational health and safety. This covers issues that transcend the mere elimination or minimization of OHS risks and hazards. The majority of the needs for ISO 45001 are documented records of your organization’s activity to make sure that the right processes are in place.

Who can apply ISO 45001?

We foresee that the majority of the organizations will utilize ISO 45001 to line up a successful management system, and only a couple will need the extra recognition that accompanies confirmation. ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System essentially having a proper management system found out will bring numerous advantages of its own through upholding best practice. Certification is just a further endorsement that exhibits to outside gatherings that you simply have accomplished full consistency with a specific standard.

The advantages of ISO 45001 are perpetual when executed accurately. While the quality requires that OH&S risks be tended and controlled, it additionally adopts a risk-hazard based strategy benchmarking, to ensure that it’s viable to rule persistently and to have an improved safety goal.

Our Vision

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How to get ISO 14001:2015 certification in Bangalore – Consultants in Bangalore?

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