ISO 9001 Certification in Baghdad


ISO 9001 is the name of an ISO preferred (who’s ISO?) that outlines the necessities an company have to preserve in its exceptional system for certification to. There are several exceptional documents within the ISO 9000 own family of requirements, however ISO 9001 is the most effective standard inside the 9000 collection that calls for certification. The present day model is ISO 9001:2015.  The general can help companies meet their customers’ requirements for their product/provider at the same time as pleasing any regulatory requirements. Typically a whole company will searching for certification, but the scope of the QMS can be tailor-made to improve performance at a specific facility or department.


Some of the main benefits of ISO 9001 certification encompass:

  • Suitable for both small and big companies
  • Better inner management
  • Less wastage
  • Increase in performance, productiveness and earnings
  • Improved customer retention and acquisition
  • Consistent effects, measured and monitored
  • Globally recognized popular
  • Compatible with other ISO requirements

A valid ISO 9001 certificates will be a prerequisite for a number of your customers and a “best to have” for others, whilst they may be thinking about suppliers. It gives your clients self-belief which you are working to standards and procedures that will offer them with an excessive well known of customer service.

Benefits of ISO 9001 to your customers

The ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2015 trendy is recognised worldwide and your customers will recognize the advantages of operating with corporations that are ISO 9001 licensed . In reality, a number of your customers will handiest do commercial enterprise with certified agencies because it gives them guarantee that you management systems are continuously assessed and authorised

They will recognise from experience that working with ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2015 licensed groups affords many advantages:

  • Minimises mistakes
  • Improves reporting and communications
  • Better first-rate merchandise and provider
  • More dependable production scheduling and transport
  • Standards maintained with the aid of annual exams

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