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What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 was first published in 1987 by the world organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics which will be used consistently to make sure that material, products, processes and services fit their purpose. ISO 9001 certification in Texas is recognized worldwide and employed by large and/or small businesses to watch and improve its business practices through a top quality Management System the newest edition of the ISO 9001 standard is ISO 9001:2015.

Many companies avoid pursuing ISO 9001 because they believe it’s too challenging and time consuming. The misconception is that implementing a company-wide set of quality processes is just too overwhelming and dear compared to the advantages the corporate would gain. In other words, “Things seem fine as there are.”


Customer Satisfaction

Of course, customer satisfaction is every company’s end goal. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done. ISO 9001 provides an excellent set of guidelines and standards to realize and improve consistent customer satisfaction during all phases of a project or process. By implementing a QMS program, you’ll provide your employees with the tools your company must succeed. Once we first explored the ISO 9001 world, we were pleasantly surprised by how effective the program is and the way it highlights customer satisfaction at the start of our processes, instead of just addressing it at the top. This helps keep it as our focus every step of the way.

Improved Efficiency

Many companies (including our own) have found that by starting the method of implementing ISO 9001, there’s a company-wide shift focused. Management and employees alike check out the business as an entire, to work out how their processes interact with each other and find out how to proactively identify gaps which will potentially create problems with final products and services. Inefficiencies are identified and addressed immediately, keeping operations flowing more smoothly.

Peace of Mind

Since ISO 9001 speaks for itself, being ISO 9001:2015 certified sets the tone that our business understands quality. If you become ISO certified, your clients will understand you’ve got a top quality Management System that works and is continually monitored. Due to this, local and international clients are going to be more inclined to try to do business together with your company.

Supplier Qualification

In many industries, like with the oil and gas operators that we serve, when clients are vetting suppliers, a legitimate ISO 9001 certificate could be a prerequisite to doing business and your company is going to be viewed as a reputable source when it involves delivering a product or service that meets client expectations.

Client Confidence

By obtaining ISO 9001 certification in Texas, future clients are less inclined to audit your company’s processes since ISO requires annual internal audits of your processes (as well an external ISO 9001 certified audit) so as to retain certification. Clients that employment with ISO 9001 certified companies are reassured they’re going to receive a top quality product. Not only does this build client confidence, it’ll help your company also because the method to receive and maintain the certification minimizes costly mistakes, which successively, builds your reputation and improves your home within the market.

Continual Improvement

This is one among the most important benefits of ISO because it helps companies stay laser-focused on improvement. One example of how ISO 9001 helps with this, is that the standard requires the practice of Risk Based Thinking (from all employees, not just management) to assess risks and opportunities for improvement that would potentially arise. This empowers employees who may need better insight on the daily processes and provides them the chance to supply solutions for more consistent results and overall better performance. And let’s face it – who doesn’t want that?

ISO 9001 is a great guide to follow when creating your company procedures, but it doesn’t force a play by play of every of your processes. At the end, you’ll have happy customers, engaged employees, and processes that benefit both your company and your clients.


What are the advantages of ISO 9001 Certification?

  • Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal at each organization that encompasses a direct reference to current business and future prospects.
  • Ultimately existence depends on the “want” of enhancing the performing of the quality Assurance function. Quality is the main part targeted by each organization to stand out however many a times it becomes difficult thanks to the ISO standard.
  • When organizations undergo the ISO 9001 Certification process the quality standards are embraced by the entire organization to enhance customer satisfaction and boost business efficiency.
  • By joining hands with us it will modify your organization in contributing efforts towards deducting excess prices, increasing productivity, and making certain that each service and products is soaked in superior essence of quality and excellence.

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