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ISO 20000-1: 2018 certification in Pennsylvania is a Standard of requirements that defines how an organization controls its service provision in terms of the planning, transition, delivery and improvement of services that provide value for both the customer and therefore the service provider. It’s based around four key service management processes – Service Delivery, Control, Resolution and Relationship Management.

The following steps will lead you to your ISO 20000-1 certification in Pennsylvania:

  • Definition of an ITSM policy and an IT service catalogue
  • In preparation for certification: definition of ITSM goals, selection of IT services and implementation of corrective actions
  • Internal audit and management review
  • Coordination of the specified resources and collection of suggestions for improvement to ITSM and IT Services

Here are eight organization-related benefits of ISO 20000-1 adoption:

  • Increased credibility, especially for suppliers. ISO 20000-1 certification in Pennsylvania gives organizations a level of credibility that they might rather be unable to realize. The rationale for this is often that ISO 20000-1 is a world standard in commission management, therefore it’s recognized round the world and proves that the certified business co-operates with best practices which its SMS is fully compliant. An honest example of this benefit is where an agency might mandate that suppliers submitting tenders for brand spanking new work must be ISO 20000 certified.
  • Increased customer confidence. Due to this increased credibility, customer confidence grows. Because with customers knowing that services are managed effectively which the supplier organization is compliant with international standards, customers are often confident that their services are being handled professionally and potentially optimally.
  • Increased organizational growth. With an ISO 20000-1 certificate, your business is probably going to be ready to grow more quickly because of the certification providing an inroad into otherwise closed markets – it’s a bedrock on which the organization can build. As your organization’s portfolio changes, and takes on more services, the “structural elements” are already in situ to handle these. Plus, because the certification offers standardized practices to follow, your organization can reduce the danger of data loss when staff leave. If your company is growing quickly, it also can look to use ISO 20000-1 qualified individuals to scale back the extent of coaching required once they come on board.
  • Incident and outage reduction. An ISO 20000-1 certification means an organization’s SMS is fully compliant with the quality, which guides the business on service management best practices. Thanks to this, organizations that become certified often find that they will reduce their major outages and IT incidents. Plus, by following clearly-defined requirements and knowing the way to apply best practice to their own service management lifecycle, organizations have a far better chance of delivering the worth that their customers expect.
  • Proactive service management. Following on from the reduction in incidents and business outages, and as a corporation becomes better at service management; it’ll then be ready to offer a more proactive service management experience to its customers. Especially because the ISO 20000-1 certification is all about delivering value to customers, whose expectations are growing all the time. And to stay customers happy, service management needs a shift from traditional incident management – fixing something that’s reported as broken – to fixing that something before it’s an opportunity to adversely impact the customer. In fact, the definition of the term “incident” in ISO 20000 includes “an event that has not yet impacted the service to the customer.”
  • Reduction in costs. This proactive service management helps costly issues and mistakes to be avoided and processes to run more smoothly. Alongside the reduction in incidents, less money is spent on support costs and fewer is lost through business outages because they subsided frequent (or perhaps avoided altogether).
  • Continual improvement and therefore the benefits this brings. An ISO 20000-1 certification helps organizations to implement a culture of change and continual improvement. As organizations work to stay up with the simplest practices of service management, which may evolve thanks to emerging technology and system capabilities, it’s important that they will handle rapid change and continually search for new ways to figure smarter.
  • Positive cultural change. alongside developing a working environment that handles change well and is driven to stay on improving, ISO 20000 assists organizations in changing their culture and to figure holistically especially , finger-pointing and blame are reduced because most are encouraged to require ownership for services instead of pushing responsibility onto the IT department.

Management Framework

Notwithstanding all of the processes that require being operational to achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification, the quality puts great significance upon the management framework and associated activities that require being in place for the whole SMS to be operated, supported and managed in accordance with the mandatory requirements.

This framework includes things such as:

  • Management showing their commitment to the SMS;
  • Ensuring that appropriate roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are in place;
  • Document management and also the control of records;
  • Human, technical, informational and financial resources; and
  • The mechanisms to plan, implement, monitor and improve the SMS.

There are numerous requirements during this section of the quality, and therefore the work involved in establishing this framework needs careful planning. As is usually the case, ITOs are going to be doing many of the activities required, but likely not everything. Utilize the recommendations detailed within the assessment report back to specialize in the areas needing improvement, but even be cognizant of the other certifications that the ITO or Business may have already got attained. For instance, if ISO 9001 is already in place then look to utilize existing practices (e.g. areas like document management and therefore the customer complaints process) instead of re-invent something from scratch.

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