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ISO 20000-1:2018 Service Management System is a renowned standard for Service Management System for the organization providing services in any field, domain or vertical. ISO 20000-1 certification in Washington DC helps in ensuring the standard, reliability and continuity of data technology services, a corporation must implement methodologies and tools. ISO 20000-1 helps during a framework for the service delivery for the delivery of the organizational services.

By achieving certification to ISO 20000-1 IT Services Certification, your organization is going to be ready to reap numerous benefits such as:

  • Reduction in incidents and improved incident management.
  • Improving corporate image and credibility.
  • Reduction in response times and interruptions thereto service.
  • Improved management of costs, resulting in financial savings.
  • A culture of continuous improvement.
  • Greater understanding of roles and business objectives.
  • Ensuring legislative awareness and compliance.
  • Protecting the corporate, assets, shareholders and directors.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from internal and/or external customers.
  • Provides you with a competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention.
  • Consistency within the delivery of your service or product.

Who are often certified?

ISO 20000 is the only standard for service management. Until recently, the ISO 20000 series has been used mostly for IT services but is gaining traction in other areas to assist business practices and deciding. It can therefore be employed by any organization no matter its size, domain or industry.

Becoming certified requires the organization to require three steps:

First, an analysis must be performed to analyze the prevailing IT Service Management System and compare it with the wants of ISO 20000.

Next, a proper assessment is required to review current IT service management across all departments against an ISO/IEC 20000 checklist. If any information technology gaps are found, the business has the chance to shut them.

Finally, Certification and beyond. Once the business has passed the formal assessment, ISO/IEC 20000 certificates are going to be issued. This is often valid for 3 years.

Why ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 required?

This enables organization to benchmark the delivery of managed services, assess performance levels and measure SLAs provided. This standard of service management systems is broadly supported ITIL set processes. ISO/IEC 20000s consists of several parts of which the primary main part provides requirements for ITSM. This is often majorly defined for those liable for initiating, implementing or maintaining ITSM thus providing specifications for service management systems (SMS) in their organization. Organizations can have their ITSM independently certified that they adhere to the standards of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018. Certification permits managed services organizations to assure clients that their IT environments are going to be well managed, and enables outsourcing organizations to assure clients that they’re going to receive high-quality IT services.

ISO 20000-1:2018 are often used by:

  1. a) A customer seeking services and requiring assurance regarding the standard of these services
  2. b) A customer requiring a uniform approach to the service lifecycle by all its service providers, including those during a supply chain
  3. c) A corporation to demonstrate its capability for the design, design, transition, delivery, and improvement of services
  4. d) A corporation to watch, measure, and review its SMS and therefore the services
  5. e) A corporation to enhance the design, design, transition, delivery, and improvement of services through effective implementation and operation of an SMS
  6. f) A corporation or other party performing conformity assessments against the needs laid out in the standard
  7. g) A provider of coaching or advice in commission management.

The term “service” as utilized in ISO 20000-1 certification in Washington DC refers to the service or services within the scope of the SMS. The term “organization” refers to the organization within the scope of the SMS that manages and delivers services to customers.

This concept of scoping could also be astonishing for those that don’t consider carefully the target of ISO/IEC 20000. The quality has nothing to mention about suppliers of IT services or goods. For instance, virtually every IT service provider organization depends on one or more suppliers for wide area networking and Internet connectivity. It’s unlikely that any service provider builds its own hardware, depending again on a series of suppliers. While many service providers do develop certain applications in house, all of them also license applications from third parties, or use applications provided as a service. And yet, none of those suppliers are covered by the ISO/IEC standard for service management. The supplier management process that the service provider is required to possess isn’t specifically intended to manage any of those third parties. And yet, this is often perfectly understandable. ISO/IEC 20000 is just not concerned with the delivery of IT services. In other words, ISO/IEC 20000 says nothing whatsoever about the way to transport data, the way to send an email from place to put , the way to create a record or a profit and loss statement employing a computer—all of them good and noble IT services. It’s only concerned with the service management processes.

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