ISO Consultation and Certification Process in SAUDI ARABIA


ISO – An Overview  in SAUDI ARABIA

International Organization for standardization (ISO) is an independent organization that frames the standards for business excellence in area of quality, environment, health and information technology by implementing the requirements that will result in process excellence .Getting business processes certified will create a winning edge in the market.

Little History about ISO

The International Organization for standardization. Founded on 23 February 1947 by a group of experts from 25 countries and uniquely positioned in Switzerland at Geneva , the technical committees of ISO came together with a goal of ensuring products , services are safe , dependable and of good quality.

About US

We are one of the leading Management consulting, Certification, Assessment and Training services company. We blend with our clients to help them maximize, optimize business and process. Our innovative business strategy will help our clients realize the factors that are impacting the business, then realign the same to surge ahead of the competitors in any economy.

Why Partner with ExpertCertifier in SAUDI ARABIA?

15+ years of global consulting experience across 20+ countries, 3000+ Projects accomplished in 20+ different International standards.

At ExpertCertifier, you get tools and proven strategies to certify your business with ISO and  CMMi hassle free and transform your sales results.

Learn the solid method that helps you to uncover and resolve every business challenge with our world – class ISO and CMMi trainers.

Our diverse, global experience brings in solid expertise that helps in delivering right tools and strategies to grow in business and increase the profitability.

We also help our clients in their business growth and prepare them to offer more value than anyone else could.


We made certification flexible – Our Methodology – ISO Certification process in  SAUDI ARABIA

  1. Understand critical factors impacting business, process and sales results
  2. Suggest international standards that can transform – business and process
  3. Perform Gap Analysis
  4. Awarness, Documentation and Internal auditor training
  5. Drive documentation process
  6. Implement requirements of the standard.
  7. Perform Internal Audit and Management Review Meeting
  8. Drive Corrective action
  9. External Audit
  10. Post certification support


ISO Certification benefits in SAUDI ARABIA

Increased Credibility and Recognition:  ISO certification is issued by accredited certification body that is accepted worldwide. Therefore, implementing ISO requirements drives client to master the systematic method to uncover and resolve every challenge related to business, process and then realign the same to surge ahead of the competitors in any economy.

Increased Sales Results: Every business must combine requirements that are listed in ISO and CMMI with the business strategy, as result the business will grow exponentially. Having ISO label on your product and services will help you in attracting more clients that increases your sales results.

 Improved Consistency:  By implementing requirements listed in ISO  with business plan process consistency can be achieved. Consistency helps in attracting more customers across the globe. Increased consistency means your customers are getting the same service or same products every time they are making business with you.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customers will strongly believe that your products and services will always have excellent quality and that, they will work.

Empowered Employees: ISO require the training and development of your staff being maintained. It provides the sharp tools and strategy for them to perform their jobs. As a result, your employees will be pumped even more and skilled in what they are doing.

ISO  certification cost in SAUDI ARABIA

Cost depends on the size and complexity of your organization whether you have already some elements of a quality management system in place or not, expertcertifier has made the certification process flexible and compelling.

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