VAPT Certification (Vulnerability Assessment) is a process of regular testing of a product to identify potential security risk and vulnerabilities, especially from integrated 3rd part libraries and packages. Penetration testing (also known as Pen testing) is a process of ‘safely’ exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered in any system at different levels like Services level, at the coding level, or configuration level of an application. The main objective of penetration testing is to determine security weaknesses.

This process typically involves identifying the weak spots, trying to exploit systems or gain access to sensitive data through identified entry points and finally, reporting them to the concerned teams to effectively design the remediation measures.

VAPT Certification Testing

The Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)is an assessment procedure conducted by security experts on your network to identify possible vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit. Today VAPT Certification, or penetration testing, is an important task to be carried out by IT organisations. This is because of the rise in hacking attempts irrespective of the industry type. Attacks can happen internally or externally with no or little knowledge of the network. Network penetration testing services help find security vulnerabilities in the network perimeter which is usually a firewall or a router, that separates internal and external networks. Network penetration testing is a specialized job to ensure the security and compliance of your organization’s information stack.

Our services can scale to meet your needs, from compliance testing to adversarial breach simulations. Engaging with us will reveal access points to your critical systems, help close pathways of attack and leave you with a smaller, hardened attack surface. The thought of an attack can be assessment tools daunting. CDG’s VAPT Certification auditors utilize proven and standard assessment methodologies, consulting and project management methodologies to deliver accurate and timely results

Benefits of VAPT Certification :

• Identify weakness in your technologies, processes and people
• Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize the attack surface
• Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements
• Security against business logic flaws
• Increased ROI on IT security

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